The Stress of Graduate School

Upon deciding to embark on the graduate school journey I have found that my worries and stress level have gone up.

First there is the school. What school or schools do I apply to? What are their specifications for their students? Are my grades good enough to get it?

I decided on three schools. Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and Arizona State University Online. Now I have to go through each application process and write papers and order transcripts. There is a ton a work that goes into applying to graduate school and each school needs unique information.

A lot of this application process is waiting and I hate waiting. I have to wait to write some of the required papers. I have to wait to submit the application because I cannot apply for the specific semester I want to apply to at this time.

I know that in the end it will be worth all the headaches, but it just feels so disorganized and messy right now.