Once a Lady…Always a Lady


The origin of my blog name has a very cute story behind it that I would like to share with all of you. Christmas 2013, I received from my fiance, the best Christmas present I have ever received. He bought me a small piece of land in Scotland and with that land came the title of Lady. You see, anyone who owns property in Scotland has a title. So I am forever more a Lady. I can put the land in a will and hand down the title to my children. It was the most interesting gift ever. It was so thoughtful and sweet.

The concept is very interesting too. The land that I own is part of a nature reserve, so while I will never be able to build anything on it, I have helped to safe the environment there. It came with a folder, a title/deed to my land, paperwork to legally change my name officially to Lady, I have not yet done this but I will, and information on your piece of land and the reserve.

If you are interested in becoming a Laird or Lady of Scotland click on the “Highland Titles” link below. You can give the gift of a title to someone you love or give it to yourself. It is the cutest gift though.


Highland Titles


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