Oh the trials of being a grown up…

Today, upon getting home from work, my fiancé and I discovered to our utter dismay that our bathroom no longer has electricity. After checking the fuse box we found that all the fuses were fine. We tried resetting the whole house, but no, the electricity still was not there.
Of course the next and most reasonable thing to do was to make an internet search, for as Louis Black cleverly put, we are a generation of researchers.
The search seemed helpful. It appeared to be a simple problem of a tripped CFI outlet. The information stated that it should be in the room that no longer had power. We searched to no avail. The outlet was not there. We then took it upon ourselves to check every outlet in the house only to find that not one of our outlets contained the simple mechanism that seemed would fix our problem.
We conducted more internet research. We checked outdoor plugs and fuse looking boxes and still there was no CFI button.
We have been defeated by a bathroom.
We gave up.
Hopefully we will be able to find and fix the problem and return the electricity to our little bathroom, but until then we will create a romantic atmosphere with candles and wait to fix the problem.


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